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AGME Lawn Fertilizing LLC wants to serve you by turning your lawn into a beautiful green space that will impress your family and friends.  Our quality service, knowledge, and experience will ensure that the stress of planning and purchasing equipment and products will be taken off of your shoulders. We provide a six step application program that incorporates quality fertilizers and herbicides that are suited for different temperatures throughout the growing season, while targeting different phases of the weed's growth cycle. Our quality products and services are uniquely engineered to provide you a premium lawn treatment program.  

Step 1 - Early Spring; March 1 - April 15

An application of fertilizer with a crabgrass pre-emergent herbicide is applied along with a blanket application of post emergent weed control. The purpose of the pre-emergent herbicide is to prevent weed seeds from germinating. This application prevents many types of weeds from invading your lawn in the summer. The post emergent herbicide treats those pesky existing weeds that compete with your turf for water and nutrients. 


Step 2 - Late Spring; April 15 - May 15

A slow release fertilizer is applied to provide needed nutrients for your lawn, including a second pre-emergent treatment, and broad-leaf weed control. Our broad-leaf herbicide literally starves the weeds of the nutrients and water that they need to survive.


Step 3 - Early Summer; June 1 - June 30

A slow release fertilizer containing iron is applied. The slow release component helps to ensure the fertilizer is provided at a slow enough rate to prevent burning of the turf. The iron helps to provide a darker green color that makes your lawn stand out. This step also includes spot treatment for broad-leaf weeds.

Step 4 - Late Summer; July 15 - August 15

An application of a slow release fertilizer containing iron; and spot treatment for broad-leaf weeds.

Step 5 - Early Fall; September 1 - September 30

Fertilizer is applied to provide nutrients to help your lawn recover from summer heat stress; and broad-leaf weed control is included.

Step 6 - Late Fall; October 15 - November 30

Fertilizer is applied to assist with winter root growth, which helps to promote early spring green-up.

Additional Services

  • Aeration

  • Overseeding

  • Grub Control

  • Fungicide Applications

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